Greater Manchester Darting Association

We play at venues throughout the greater Manchester area and are always looking for new players with varied levels of experience.


Please bare with me as the person who does our website has COVID. As soon as the schedule is posted I will update last weeks stats. This weeks schedule goes as follows: WSC Raging Bulls @ American Legion Keg Killers; American Legion IDGAF @ Army Navy Special Forces; American Legion I @ B.A.R.; Pepe's at BA Sporty's; Young Guns @ WSC Matadors; Bulls Dogs @ Boozehounds; Screamin Eagles @ Warthawgs; Zipser Bye week. Just a reminder, if you are adding player they must be paid for a week prior to playing and the name is to be given to Dulari and Chris Pike by the Sunday before play.

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Week 2 Highlights

7 HitsJohnny O'Keefe, Mike Mallet
6 HitsKyle Acelin, Jay Spulick, Kevin McAuliffe
3 CorksRich Vanuccini, Chris Pike, Mike Mallet, Jeremiah Knowles, Jim Rivera
140Jeremiah Knowles
Other High Scorers: Tom Strickland (121-On), Dennis Sarisian (123), Rich Vanuccini (120), Mark Arel (120-On), Mike Mallet (121), Rob Hennequin (121), Bill Morgan (122), Tom Strickland (121), Dulari Pearson (126), Vivian Webber (120), Jim Neff (120-On)

Results - 9/21/2022

Special ForcesIDGAF13-5
American Legion 1B.A.R.12-6
Young GunsMatadors12-6
Keg KillersRaging Bulls10-8
Zipser Booze HoundsBulldogs10-8
Pepe'sSporty's @BA9-9
Screamin' EaglesWarthawgs0-0

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Season Highlights

High OnTom Strickland - 121
High OffMark Arel - 125