Greater Manchester Darting Association

We play at venues throughout the greater Manchester area and are always looking for new players with varied levels of experience.


Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday! See you in the New Year!!

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Week 19 Highlights

7 HitsJohn Bremser Jr., Josh Love
6 HitsPeter Rhinesmith, Paul Chappell
4 CorksHank Zethner
3 CorksRob Lefebvre, John Bremser Jr., Josh Love, Kyle Acelin, Ken Acelin, Dennis Sargisian
140Ray Webber, John Jacko
171Hank Zethner
180Kyle Acelin
Other High Scorers: Ryan Resch (125), Johnny O'Keefe (121), Hal Whiting (128), Brent Rodgers (129), James Hickman (120), Mike Jacobsen (120), Brian Savastio (120)

Results - 2/1/2023

Keg KillersB.A.R.14-4
Raging BullsZipser Club14-4
American Legion 1Screamin' Eagles13-5
Young GunsZipser Booze Hounds12-6
Sporty's @BASpecial Forces10-8

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Season Highlights

High OnJim Gavin - 160
High OffMark Arel - 125
T80Steve Dante, Todd Bergeron, Kyle Acelin, Scott Mathewson
T71 , Dennis Sargisian, Dave Bowers, Hank Zethner
T74Peter Rhinesmith
Round of 9Peter Rhinesmith, AJ Santoro