Greater Manchester Darting Association

We play at venues throughout the greater Manchester area and are always looking for new players with varied levels of experience.


There was a discrepancy in this weeks scoring. The match between Sporty's and Army/Navy II was posted as an 11-7 win for Army/navy when in fact it was a victory 11-7 for Sporty's. Sorry for inconvenience. It has been corrected.

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Week 16 Highlights

7 HitsJohn Jacko, AJ Santoro, Scott Kvadas, Andrew Margelony, Eric Rauscher
6 HitsColin Saulnier, Eric Rauscher
3 CorksPat Brannick, John Jacko, Bill Ford, Ben Viara, Rob Phillips, Alyre Saulnier
140Dave Funke
Other High Scorers: John Jacko (125), Bill Ford (120-On), Mike Switzer (121), Mike Switzer (125), AJ Santoro (120-On), Sean Lachapelle (124), Kevin Corcoran (121), Jim Gaetano (121), Jim Neff (120-On), Andrew Margelony (154-Off)

Results - 1/9/2019

WarthawgsYoung Guns16-2
Screamin' EaglesB.A.D.15-3
Zipser ClubZipser Booze Hounds14-4
WCB Red EyesArmy/Navy Space Force13-5
Bulls DeepArmy/Navy III12-6
2nd Bridge BreweryBATMEN12-6
Iron SightsWCB Keg Killers11-7
Sporty's @BAArmy Navy II11-7
DartbagsWashington Social Club11-7

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Season Highlights

High OnTeri Donnelly - 160
High OffAndrew Margelony - 154
T80Sean Lachapelle
T71Andrew Margelony
Round of 9Alyre Saulnier, Jason Simard, Ryan Cadorette