Greater Manchester Darting Association

We play at venues throughout the greater Manchester area and are always looking for new players with varied levels of experience.


Last weeks missing score sheet turned out to be a forfeit. Grady Tavern was closed that night causing Grady's to forfeit 9-0. It has been reflected in the current updated scores. Banquet is Saturday April 28th at the BA Club starting at 5:00pm. Please get your list of attendees and deposit and guest money to us no later than the first week of the playoffs. Thanks.

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Week 22 Highlights

7 HitsMyles Spencer, Mark Arel, Dave Neff
6 HitsVivian Webber, Ryan Cadorette, Russ Robitaille, Dave Whiting, Todd Bergeron, Kyle Lebel
4 CorksHank Zethner, Joe Valenti, Dave Neff, Dave Thomas
3 CorksKyle Acelin, AJ Santoro, Bill Ford, Wayne Hollingsworth, Ricky Howe, Scott Kvadas, Gaston Levesque, Greg Talbot, Patrick Fagan
140Alex Pumiglia, Gaston Levesque
180Alex Pumiglia
Other High Scorers: Ken Acelin (121), Mike Switzer (122), Bill Ford (133), Pat Brannick (120), Ben Horn (133), Andrew Gustafson (121), Patrick Fagan (129), Braydon Blake (120-On)

Results - 2/14/2018

Zipser ClubZipser Club Misfits17-1
WarthawgsArmy Navy Club15-3
Sporty's @BAWorld Championship Billiards II13-5
B.A.D.Grady Tavern12-6
Screamin' EaglesArmy Navy II12-6
WCB Keg KillersIron Sights11-7
BATMENWCB Red Eyes11-7
Young GunsBulls Deep11-7
Washington Social ClubDartbags9-9

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Season Highlights

High OnAlyre Saulnier, Bill Ford - 160
High OffMyles Spencer - 120
T80John Jacko, Andrew Margelony, Kevin McAuliffe, Bruce Davidson, Dan Bilodeau, Jay Spulick, Alex Pumiglia
Round of 9Bruce Davidson, Reggie Smith, Russ Robitaille, Jay Spulick