Greater Manchester Darting Association

We play at venues throughout the greater Manchester area and are always looking for new players with varied levels of experience.


We are now at our Thanksgiving break. Enclosed with this weeks stat sheet is the flyer with the format for the Thanksgiving Eve Drop-In Tournament. Free to GMDA members. Sign up begins at 6 and starts at 7. Lots of fun, prizes etc. Come down to the BA Club and have some fun with friends. Good way to start the holiday. Also, this is week 10, so you have two more weeks to add players. Please add Ryan Dion to the roster of the Zipser Club. Effective this week.

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Week 10 Highlights

7 HitsJohn Bremser Jr., Alex Pumiglia
6 HitsMyles Spencer, Ryan Resch, Rob Phillips, Al Pare, Mike Beauregard, Rob Ellis, Rob Ellis
4 CorksRuss Robitaille, Corey Wieliczka, Mark Arel
3 CorksColin Saulnier, Phil Courtman, Jim Neff, Scott Mathewson, Josh Love, Mike Switzer
140Brent Rogers, Ryan Cadorette
Other High Scorers: Colin Saulnier (133), Mark Hedrick (120-On), Lee Magowan (131), Dave Neff (126), Jim Neff (174), Chris Conklin (121), Piri Patrissi (121), John Sartori (120)

Results - 11/14/2018

WarthawgsBulls Deep18-0
Young GunsArmy/Navy III17-1
Screamin' EaglesZipser Club17-1
Iron SightsArmy Navy II14-4
Army Navy ClubBATMEN14-4
WCB Keg KillersSporty's @BA13-5
Washington Social ClubArmy/Navy Space Force12-6
DartbagsWCB Red Eyes12-6
B.A.D.Zipser Booze Hounds9-9

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Season Highlights

High OnTeri Donnelly - 160
High OffRyan Resch - 138
T71Andrew Margelony
Round of 9Alyre Saulnier, Jason Simard