Greater Manchester Darting Association

We play at venues throughout the greater Manchester area and are always looking for new players with varied levels of experience.


In light of everything that is going on the last week of play offs and the banquet will be postponed. These dates will be determined at a later date.

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Week 23 Highlights

7 HitsJohn Jacko
6 HitsEric Bradshaw, Jenn Sonstrom, Paul Haywood, Sean Corcoran
3 CorksJames Willard, Steve Grondin, Joe Valenti, Joe Valenti, Jim Gaetano
140John Bremser Jr., Shaun Minor, Bill Morgan
Other High Scorers: Peter Rhinesmith (121), Ricky Howe (120), Teri Donnelly (120), Brian Savastio (121), John Jacko (125), Kevin McAuliffe (120), Hank Zethner (125), Brian Grady (138), Matt Hlasny (120-On), Matt Hlasny (138), Rocco Badecker (121)

Results - 2/26/2020

Iron SightsSpecial Forces18-0
Young GunsArmy/Navy Space Force9-0
Army Navy ClubB.A.D.13-5
Dartbags2nd Bridge Brewery13-5
Keg KillersZipser Club13-5
Sporty's @BABulls Deep12-6
Screamin' EaglesRed Eyes11-7
Washington Social ClubAmerican Legion9-9

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Season Highlights

High OnJim Gavin - 160
High OffAdam Hennequin, Hank Zethner - 121
T80Dave Neff, Jim Neff, Mike Switzer, Paul Haywood
T71Andrew Margelony, Jim McAuliffe, Tony Thomas
Round of 9Steve Kuhn