Greater Manchester Darting Association

We play at venues throughout the greater Manchester area and are always looking for new players with varied levels of experience. Team rosters are now open for the 2016/2017 season.


Missing score sheet: World Championship Billiards III @ WSC "Bulls Deep". No stats recorded for that match. Therefore, the delay in updating the website and delivering the sheets.

On the home stretch. Still need volunteers for the banquet, trophy and rules committee. Please step up!!

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Week 18 Highlights

7 HitsJim Gaetano, Mike Switzer
6 HitsBob Williams, Eric Womack, Ryan Resch, Colin Saulnier, Joe Valenti, Bill Ford, Hank Zethner
4 CorksChris Bandy, Jim McAuliffe
3 CorksBob Williams, Jasin Bayer, Josh Mall, Ryan Dion, Jim Gavin, Dave Yott, John Jacko
140Al Pare, Kyle Asselin, Ricky Howe, John Jacko, Ryan Cadorette
Other High Scorers: Eric Womack (121), Justin Wollenberg (120), Dave Thomas (130), Joe Valenti (123), Russ Robitaille (120-On), Brian Savastio (125), John Jacko (125), Rick Mayo (127), Alex Zajac (136)

Results - 1/18/2017

WarthawgsYoung Guns17-1
Washington Social ClubZipser Club Misfits15-3
Screamin' EaglesWCB Keg Killers13-5
DartbagsArmy Navy Club12-6
Zipser ClubBATMEN12-6
Army Navy IISporty's @BA11-7
B.A.D.Grady Tavern10-8
World Championship Billiards IIIBulls Deep0-0

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Season Highlights

High OnJoe Valenti, John Jacko, Jay Spulick - 160
High OffPat Brannick, Jim Gaetano, Bill Ford - 118
T80Bill Ford, Colin Saulnier, Ed Moon
Round of 9Rick Mayo, Hank Zethner, Dave Whiting, Brian Savastio, Bill Ford