Greater Manchester Darting Association

We play at venues throughout the greater Manchester area and are always looking for new players with varied levels of experience.


Just a reminder $5.00 from each player who plans to attend the Dart Banquet is due by February 26, 2020. Please drop off at BA with a list of each players who's paid. A number of teams do not appear to be saving their games on DartConnect after each match. In addition some teams continue to not confirm points per leg are correct before starting each match. Many games are being logged as 1 point when they are cricket and 501 games. CAPTAINS: Please be sure confirm the points are set up on the tablets BEFORE each game. We need the league to be up to speed in using DartConnect app if we're going to start using it exclusively next season. If you have any questions please contact Russ Robitaille and we will help resolve any questions.

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Week 21 Highlights

7 HitsBob Baechler, Kim Grady
6 HitsJohn Jacko, Russ Robitaille, Josh Love, Ame Baechler, Hank Zethner, Steve White
4 CorksPaul Haywood, Doreen Downham
3 CorksJohn Jacko, Neil Bousquet, Mike Beauregard, Steve White
140Mike Switzer, Scott Champagne
Other High Scorers: Anthony Salvatore (124), Steve Grondin (133), Kyle Acelin (121), Jeff Barrett (120), Art Thompson (124), Hank Zethner (123)

Results - 2/12/2020

Army Navy ClubSporty's @BA17-1
Young GunsSpecial Forces17-1
American Legion2nd Bridge Brewery12-6
DartbagsWashington Social Club12-6
Iron SightsKeg Killers12-6
B.A.D.Army/Navy Space Force11-7
Red EyesBATMEN11-7
Screamin' EaglesWarthawgs10-8
Zipser Booze HoundsZipser Club10-8

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Season Highlights

High OnJim Gavin - 160
High OffAdam Hennequin, Hank Zethner - 121
T80Dave Neff, Jim Neff, Mike Switzer, Paul Haywood
T71Andrew Margelony, Jim McAuliffe, Tony Thomas
Round of 9Steve Kuhn