Greater Manchester Darting Association

We play at venues throughout the greater Manchester area and are always looking for new players with varied levels of experience.


Rosters are now frozen. No new players may be added. Also, remember that a player must play in at least five separate matches to qualify for the playoffs. Hard copies will resume this week.

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Week 12 Highlights

7 HitsCorey Wieliczka, Pat Brannick, AJ Santoro, Frank Church, Mark Arel, Jim Haslett
6 HitsMike Wieliczka, Matt Hlasny, Nick Vassallo, Mark Friedenberg, Rob Hennequin, Kevin McAuliffe, Sean Lachapelle
3 CorksReggie Smith, Jason Simard, John Jacko, Scott Champagne, Mark Friedenberg, Colin Saulnier, Mike Jacobsen, Dennis Sarisian, Neil Bousquet, Ken Acelin
140Pete Cattanio, Bill Ford, AJ Santoro, Kenny Chappell
Other High Scorers: Bill Ford (120), Tim Mathewson (133), Steve White (121), Eric Bradshaw (125), Mike Jacobsen (122-On), James Hickman (120), George Gerich (120), Myles Spencer (122)

Results - 12/5/2018

Army Navy ClubArmy/Navy III16-2
Iron SightsWCB Red Eyes16-2
WarthawgsZipser Club14-4
2nd Bridge BreweryWashington Social Club12-6
Young GunsZipser Booze Hounds12-6
Screamin' EaglesSporty's @BA11-7
Army Navy IIB.A.D.10-8
WCB Keg KillersArmy/Navy Space Force9-9

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Season Highlights

High OnTeri Donnelly - 160
High OffRyan Resch - 138
T80Sean Lachapelle
T71Andrew Margelony
Round of 9Alyre Saulnier, Jason Simard